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Credit: A Free Credit Check that Doesn't Decrease Your Credit Score...
Credit: A Free Credit Check that Doesn't Decrease Your Credit Score...
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(ARA) - There are a lot of numbers that are important in life, but none quite as influential as your credit score. Having a high credit rating can give you better interest rates on credit cards, car loans and even your mortgage. On the opposite side, a poor credit rating can make many aspects of living difficult. It's important to check your credit score to learn where you stand.

By viewing your credit activity on a regular basis you can manage any detrimental items that need to be removed or fixed. These actions will create a better rating under your name and benefit you throughout your life. The easiest and fastest way to do this is by going online.

GoFreeCredit.com is an easy way to check your credit from all three major credit bureaus. You can try this service free for 30 days to monitor any activity and make changes in your life so that your score increases.

Best of all, checking your credit score through GoFreeCredit.com will not have any negative affect on your score. If you use another way, it's possible that each time a report is accessed, 10 points will be deducted from your score. Here, you can check it as often as you like with no worries.

After the free trail period, you can continue the service for $11.95 each month. Credit monitoring, automatic notification of credit activity and a detailed personal analysis are all included in this service.

Often people don't realize there is negative activity on their credit report. Nor do they know which items bring the score down. Bankruptcies, judgments, collections and past 30-days late payments are the top damaging factors that can negatively affect your credit score and need to be checked now.

Improving your credit increases your options for financial success. By being aware of the activity on your credit report you can keep a close eye on fraudulent activity and be confident of your financial future.

To sign up for your free unlimited access 30-day trial, visit GoFreeCredit.com and take charge of your financial future today.

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