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Moving: Takes a Load Off and Delivers...
Moving: Takes a Load Off and Delivers...
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(ARA) - You finally got that big job offer and have to move to another state. Relocating requires packing up all your worldly possessions and finding a new place to live. It's a difficult thing to do by yourself so where do you begin? There are so many moving companies, how do you know the right one for you? There is so much to do, what if you forget something? To save yourself time and money, try going to one place first and let them do all the footwork for you.

Formove.com is a relocation service company that will direct you to licensed and trusted moving companies, car carriers, storage facilities, and provides other services involved in the big job of relocating your life. You have so many things to do having professional help lends to a successful move and reduces your stress.

What's involved in this big job? First, sell the house and look for a new home or satisfy any rental agreement you may have, and that's just the beginning.

Prior to your moving day, you should fill out change of address forms with the post office and IRS, make travel arrangements (airplane, bus, rental car and hotel), discontinue all utility services, close bank accounts and empty the safety deposit box. Contact your insurance agent to make sure everything is covered during the move, and take inventory of all your stuff by taking pictures and recording serial numbers for insurance purposes. Then there's cleaning rugs, defrosting the freezer and arranging for pets, plants and other special things you'll take with you.

Moving plants and pets requires special treatment. Most pets travel well in the car, though for exotics like fish and lizards, check with your pet store. For regulations on moving plants from one state to another, contact the local U.S. Department of Agriculture. The transfer of certain pests can be detrimental to cash crops. As for the care of any living thing, remember to regulate the temperature in the car; park your car in the shade during the summer and in the sun during the winter.

So, while you're thinking of these little things that are so very important, hire a moving company to take care of other details to move your life in an organized, safe way. They do it every day so they know packing tips like labeling boxes that have to be loaded last so they're unloaded first and when moving audio equipment and computers, you label the cables for each and tape screws directly to the component they came from.

"My experience was very positive, thanks in large measure to Formove.com. From my very first round of requests for estimates, Formove stood out from the rest. They defined customer service by sticking with me, promptly answering my questions, giving careful explanations, and ensuring that critical details were handled," says Marilyn Hury, satisfied customer.

Formove.com can save you time by finding the right moving people who compete for your business. When they compete, you save money -- up to 65 percent. You deal directly with each vendor so you'll get the right company to get the job done. Go to www.Formove.com, fill out the form with your move details and they'll put you in contact with moving companies. You'll receive emails with estimated quotes from reputable, licensed, and insured movers.

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