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Contractor: Find a Reliable Contractor to Finish Your Basement...
Contractor: Find a Reliable Contractor to Finish Your Basement...
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(ARA) - Whether it's extra bedroom space, a new den, a playroom or just a quiet spot to call your own, finishing the basement is one of the greatest ways to improve cramped living. However, a basement has a few unique characteristics that must be considered to ensure that the space functions well for your needs.

First, be sure that you obtain all the proper permits to complete your project. Check with your local government center or online to find out what is required in your area. Most local city, county, and state requirements can be found online.

One of the most common problems with basement refinishing ideas is the ceiling height. Many basement ceilings are lower than the average ceilings in your home. One way to help reduce this problem is to finish around your ductwork. Boxing (enclosing) around it allows you to have higher ceilings in the majority of your basement.

This solution works for some. Others may feel the boxed enclosures are an unattractive eye sore. Ductwork generally takes up a lot of space on a basement ceiling. Re-ducting to accommodate your basement finishing ideas is also an option but can be very costly. Using a vaulted ceiling also helps give the illusion of a taller space.

Basement Finishing Ideas

When purchasing carpeting for your new room, be sure to obtain good padding and go for thicker carpet. Your upstairs rooms generally have wood under the carpet. However, in your basement it will likely be concrete. Thus, the flooring upstairs is a little softer by nature. If your basement floor is concrete, adding a little extra cushion makes it more comfortable. If you choose hardwood floors, you may still want an extra layer of padding to help control moisture.

You'll also want to consider the plumbing and electrical facilities in your basement. Make sure to provide easy access to areas that may need repairs later. These can be covered but you'll need to make sure the covering can be removed without damaging adjoining materials. Again, boxing in with easy access openings is the method most commonly used.

A basement remodel is a major project. It is important to decide what you want before you find a contractor to finish your basement. It will make the process flow more smoothly and help to ensure that the contractor understands your needs, style and desires before the project starts. This will also help you get both accurate pricing and a better estimate on the timeline of your project from your contractor.

For a reliable contractor in your area, accurate and competitive pricing and other remodeling ideas, go to www.reliableremodeler.com.

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